Name: Katherine Jacklin

Age: 10
Gender: Female
Summary: After seeing her father, Abbot Jacklin, die of a massive heart attack at the age of seven, she has become super cautious of everything around her. In result of her fears, she gets little to no sleep and her hair turned white.

Name: Doug Jacklin

Age: 12
Gender: Male
Summary: Often referred to as "D.J." A rebellious straight C student, D.J. often does things without thinking. He finds his sister, Katherine Jacklin, frustrating to be around and often shows is resentment towards her.

Name: June Jacklin

Age: 36
Gender: Female
Summary: When her husband, Abbot Jacklin, dies, June is forced to move into a small apartment with her two kids, Kat and D.J. due to money problems. She works two jobs just to keep up rent, which sometimes is still not enough. June is a writer at heart and has submitted a book for publishing.

Name: Boo

Age: 11 when he is a child
Gender: Male
Summary: After running away from his rich/abusive uncle, Boo seeks out a witch who promises magical gifts. Boo loves to pull pranks, which often get him in trouble.

Name: Creed Newton

Age: 13
Gender: Male
Summary: Creed is son of a Minister and therefor brought up to be kind and gentle. He always is ready to help anybody, even when he doesn't want to. He's nice up to the point where it isn't good for him psychologically.

Name: Sid Myers

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Summary: A woman/money obsessed thief. Sid is an orphan who has stolen from others to survive. His sinful passions make it difficult to do the right thing.

Name: Jasmine Wiltshire

Age: 14
Gender: Female
Summary: Another seeker of Rain's prize. She hopes to obtain for mysterious reasons.

Name: Rain

Age: 67
Gender: Female
Summary: A mysterious witch who has announced that she will give a magical gift through the fliers she set up throughout the country.

Name: Cain

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Summary: A retired assassin who looks to find a life of peace, but finds it difficult to do so when his violent/murder loving, split personality takes over. Cain has some connection to the box, which he is determined to seek out.

Name: Abby

Age: 12
Gender: Female
Summary: A carefree little girl who is adopted by Cain, but often calls him Dad. She travels with him, showering anybody she meets with unconditional kindness.